Saturday, February 25, 2006

Well, a chance to look back at the first outing of the Apprentice and, well, everything is looking good, albeit not that different from the first episode last time! Fruit & Veg selling = flower selling. The one thing which just makes this so much better than any other reality TV show (and the Apprentice, for all the blurb about a window into the business world IS a reality TV show) is Sir Alan Sugar - not just because he seems determined to increase his standing as the pantomine dame but because its his decision - we can't influence it, it is completely arbitary from his point of view.

Mine you, Ben, this week's evictee, did have "deer in the headlights" written all over him once he found out his team had lost.

Elsewhere, terrific news on the vegetating in front of the TV situation - both copies of series 2 and 3 of Scrubs dropped through the doormat (via Hong Kong and Australia - yay Ebay!) so we can kiss goodbye to doing anything useful before the late shift this week....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Can the sugar-meister do it again for the Beeb?

The Apprentice is back on the 22nd!

And now, relax