Saturday, December 23, 2006

Damn Penny Arcade - despite not being a serious gamer, it's steadily got me addicted to the point were I'm now working my way back through the archives...Gabe rocks as a character...and the anaarchic and surreal bent to their humour tweaks my funny news

In other news, I've discovered mixing my drinks can help me forgo a hangover! Who'd have thought it...hurrah for going down the pub at midday on the last day before the hols...


Anonymous paulyg said...

Correct! Penny Arcade entirely rocks. The cartoons are excellent and (as a mid-core gamer) I really enjoy Tycho's commentaries on the state of the industry too. Given that I've barely been into consoles until recently, I can understand how you would enjoy it as a non-gamed as they tend to steer away from issues of "oh, look at how *this* game does something" unless they have some truly hilarious material. Definitely one of my faves, anyhow.

8:32 AM  

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