Monday, March 06, 2006

Eh Up Cocky!

Well it has been far too long and it needs no bigging up from this quarter, but really, throw your bowlers in the air in unalloyed pleasure at the existance of TV Cream. Just a weekend on the ol' sickbed but it was alleviated from all tedium (and half arsed attempts at suicide) by moving the finger around the site. Well put together, nowhere near comprehensive (but then, what is? Not even car insurance these days) but containing so much love for the programmes it reviews, even when it hits them. And a wealth of off topic discussions.

Favourite quote this weekend, from the review of Starfleet: "It certainly beat the wooden shit out of Terrahawks"

Top hole, Jeeves old man, top hole


Anonymous paulyg said...

Too right! And their weekly and monthly email newsletters have kept me smiling through many a tedious train journey.

4:20 AM  

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