Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Well, after that raptuous response from my fans (thanks Paul), we shall continue. Well, in a vein. I think today, the Apprentice. It's been running for three weeks now on BBC 2 (9pm - wed, date fans), and it is strangely gripping. What with that and "Dragons Den", is business becoming sexy? Well, the answer's no, business has never been "sexy" but it can certainly be gripping, given the artificial constraints of TV.

Alan Sugar maintained in an interview on Radio 2 that it's not a reality show. Well, sorry Sir Alan, but it is. But you are correct, the main aim is to find "Alan Sugar's next assistant" - that's why he's doing it, plus the fact that any publicity is good publicity (and he's got a fair few old Amstrad's to flog, n'est pas?). The best part was when he says he doesn't want any "arse lickers, bullshitters..etc"...and they pan round the room and you could see the group of "arse lickers, bullshitters..." suddenly realise it wouldn't help them. Well, much.

But it is, given the lack of decent opposition in Wales (I make the proviso as S4C has a habit of shunting decent Channel 4 shows off into the depths of the night to make way for pobol y cwm et al) - and no digital channels - hypnotic viewing, just to see them cock up. And then have to explain why. However if this is the future of British industry, we should be slightly concerned e.g. the failed "internet entrepreneur" who can't shut up to be able to take in other opinions. However, as a TV programme, it does enough! No CSI, but worth an hour of my time.

Ta ta y'all