Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Look, Sweden won Ok, but who cares about friendlies and Sven? Right, that's all the sport needed to keep the theme ticking over.

More importantly, and thanks to our lovely friends at TV Cream (Cheers!) - if you're not susbcribed to their newsletter, why not?? - for pointing me towards The Collin's excellent Where Did It All Go Right? site. I haven't even poked around much and already I'm in a happy place just from seeing the slightly gurning mush of the ever listenable Andrew Collins. W00t indeed!

Monday, March 29, 2004

The fickle nature of life, it twists and turns like the gently bubbling brook down the hillside of memories. So, nice to hear Blur again eh? It is funny, but you sometimes have a built in picture of where a band is in your life only to have it rudely shaken from the timbers of your soul.

For me, that's been Blur this last week. First of all John Harris, in the excellent "The Last Party", underlined Damon Albarn as probably Britpop's most talented and durable asset through its rise and fall; then Mr Dave S, a fan, gave me all their albums on disc and we and the rest of the house I was kindly allowed to rest my head at slapped on their greatest hits. How did I not recognise Popscene for the pop gem it is? How had I forgotton the brilliance of Song 2 and Tender? Dear reader, head to Amazon, pop that littler Greatest Hits in your shopping basket, One-click order and thence marvel!

But enough, there are weightier matters to revel in, one not least is to see the love blossom between Autoblography and Le Petit Hiboux. Go on Stuart mah son!

In the words of the effete and lovely Paul Simon, that dapple eyed puveyor of popular music, we are indeed still crazy, after all these years.

Peace out

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Well I suppose I had better post, or Janet Street Porter will be hassling. Lovely Janet, I've told you, people don't see the teeth, they just see you, and most of the time they see straight through you.

Well, at an attempt to educate, Origin of Phrases isn't completely comprehensive, but its the biggest so far, so find out where phrases like "The Whole Nine Yards" come from (lenght of ammunition belt on a spitfire machine gun, so when it was shot out in one burst you'd given someone....tada! And that's the ONLY answer, got nowt to do with ships, cloth or burials. Fingers to the lot of you who disagree!)