Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Surprisingly endearing: Animals On the Underground. A Tube map will never look the same again!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

It's funny....which is always a good line into talking about sitcoms, but I've really been getting into M.A.S.H...twenty years late admittedly but then I would have been four then. Anyway, just the way...well, it's hard to call it a comedy, as it never shirks away from the reality of war. It's a strange beasty, not in my top ten of sitcoms (list to come. maybe. It's a statement, I haven't worked that top ten out yet), but seehere for the main fan site I guess

Monday, February 02, 2004

And news just and here, Leicester Tigers have sacked Dean Richards. This is of course the man who is the most successful coach of the professional era, winner of four premiership titles and two European Cups. To translate, it's rather as if Alex Ferguson had a couple of iffy seasons and Manchester United sacked him (and he's won only one European Cup. Yes, there are more countries involved but the rugby one's no picnic). Gut reaction is they're fools, they'll appoint someone from outside the country who'll cock it up and they'll be in no better place. We wait and see but I'm very annoyed.
Not that this site should start turning into "Sports Stars Obits" but sadly Bob Stokoe has died. H won the FA Cup with both Newcastle & Sunderland and the latter contains the defining image of Mr Stokoe dashing across the pitch to congratulate double save hero Jimmy Montgomery - Ian Porterfield of course with the winning goal.