Sunday, January 25, 2004

Well better post than never.....more a stream of thought. First is that Steve Buscemi is now firmly on my "actors to see, no matter what the movie" as he just seems to perfectly fit whatever role he's in. Big Fish was the one tonight and, although his face is instantly recognisable, he just...inhabits the role so absolutely you just think "yeah, he is a poet/con man/banker". Honest. Which brings me to the first websites to add: All, All, All and All All part of the All Media Guide Group but what a set of resources, invaluable to me so far on Music and Movies and the others are just as good to my unpracticed eye.

Meanwhile, the passing of a legend: Fanny Blankers-Koen. I can't say more on the legend as I never saw her perform but her reputation speaks for herself, especially the IAAF voting her female athlete of the 20th century (Carl Lewis was the male one for those wishing to know). RIP and we shall not see her like again.

OK, enuff for now, later bud.


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