Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Intriguing how many papers have pullout sections on the Rugby World Cup and want Johnny Wilkinson knighted. Nice to see The Sun's also made sure Jacque Chirac's comments on it being a victory for Europe and the Northen Hemisphere are booted into touch - you moron Littlejohn, of course it should be embraced by France and yes, Chirac had his motives but that shouldn't detract from the fact its the first Northern hemisphere win in the World Cup. And the Six Nations get an added frisson with the World Champions involved, it can only spur them on. Still, not as it The Sun's ever small minded.

Interesting fact, Rugby World Cup has been running since 1987, 16 years, winners: 4. Football World Cup running for 70 odd years, winners: 7. Mind you, on the flip side beyond France, no-one else has a shoe-in at the final and the same eight teams have been in all the quarter-finals. So please, please, please IRB, don't make pontificating statements again after another World Cup and extend the funds available to lesser nations, get the coachs of the top nations out to help other nations (and ex-professionals, paid for by the IRB) and inspire them.

Lastly, on the world cup - for now;) this is a semi-sports based blog - let's look at the Six Nations. Not to begrudge Italy, who have been great but, compared to the Five Nations it is a bit....hmmm, lack of impact. My vote, let's go back to the Five Nations but add on four more European nations (Romania, Spain, Holland + A N Other maybe) and have two leagues with one up, one down. Can't see it happening (The team finishing bottom in the five nations would be annoyed, imagine England having a bad year!) but would bring in more, spread the cash about and raise standards, no?

Friday, November 07, 2003

Just came across this: Drowned in Sound whilst looking for info on the release date of No Doubt's new single "It's My Life" (a cover of the Talk Talk classic, thanks Q TV). They hate it but nice looking site, probably containing the usual bitterness directed at any band who becomes popular. Such is life.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Blooming 'eck, Richard Herring's Blog. It's bloody marvellous.