Monday, December 15, 2003

Interesting point from Mr J Paxman in today's Newsnight email (Go here): "And how can governments like the British say they're happy to go along with the wishes of the Iraqi people when it comes to a possible execution, while declining to go along with the wishes of a majority of their own people on the issue?".

It's a poser, isn't it?

And seen the coverage of the Soham trial? Thought so. According to Private Eye there have been 552 articles in the national media reporting the trial in the past month. What you may not have seen is the fact the Attorney General's declared the media coverage of the trial is "frankly unacceptable". Why might you not have seen this? Over to Private Eye for the number of articles reporting this story: 2. Here's 1 of them. And if you think they're making it up, search google news for the number of stories containing the words "Soham", "Attorney", "General" and "unacceptable". It comes to three and one of them is just referencing the story. They're all from the Guardian. Makes you think eh?


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