Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Websites I visit daily, because I have too much time on my hands:

Popex Fun 'n' Frolics in the world of made up pop share exchanging.
Dilbert One of the best cartoons around
Doonesbury The best cartoon around, bar none - the range and depth combined with both being political and surreal takes the breath away.
Userfriendly Not as good as the above too, thinks it is, but still has the odd worthwhile moment - better when it a) features Dustpuppy and b) has a series of themed cartoons, not stand alones.
Get Fuzzy, Rose is Rose, Pearls Before Swine The newest ones I'm reading, so juries out; Get Fuzzy looks beautiful.
Daily Telegraph Again on the cartoons, stuff the news....Matt is the best pocket cartoonist in the UK - he's actually funny, which helps. And Alex is a good cartoon, solid, and way better than Peattie and Taylor's other, Celeb.


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